Community Service Programs

Our commitment to serving the community is important to everyone at The Walker Group. Our goal is to always contribute to the greater good, with a focus on the impact our actions have on our world. We realize we are part of a wider community and approach all our initiatives with an eye towards achieving a balance between business and philanthropy. The Walker Group is a Social Enterprise and as such, operates in an environment of integrity, excellence and financial transparency. It is ingrained in our business model and affords us a more direct method of contribution. The following illustrates some of our community programs and outreach efforts.

Our Programs

The Walker Group Foundation

We will dedicate a minimum of 5% of our profits to be spent on charitable programs which meet our criteria. For more information or to submit a request, please email

The Walker Group Pro Bono Work

We will allocate a number of billable hours each year to pro bono efforts for nonprofit organizations needing help with special technology projects. For more information or to request pro bono support, please email

The Walker Group Volunteer Time Bank

Each employee receives a bank of hours that can be used for volunteer organizations of their choice. For more information or to request volunteer support from The Walker Group, please email

Social Enterprise Trust (reSET)

Social Enterprise Trust is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization started by Kate Emery to help transition The Walker Group into a Social Enterprise. The reSET mission is to promote, preserve and protect Social Enterprise. While there will always be a place for the traditional approach to business, reSET believes that there will be an increasing demand for socially conscious businesses and wants to help demonstrate that this model is not only much more deeply satisfying to work for, it is ultimately more sustainable and often even more profitable than the more traditional approach.
To learn more, visit us at



Community Outreach Focus 2012

Our community service and outreach team strategy for 2012 focused on three key areas: Youth, Environment and Animals (Y.E.A.). Our projects will involve various forms of outreach in these areas. Please see our Community Service Slideshow for details on some of the great causes that The Walker Group has been involved with.