Social Enterprise

Proud to be a Social Enterprise

The Walker Group
Declaration of Intent to Operate as a Social Enterprise

The Walker Group is committed to conducting business for the benefit of all. We believe that business can and should balance the desire and the need to provide a fair and reasonable return on investment to investors with an awareness that we are all connected. Ultimately we prosper or fail together. To ensure that The Walker Group maintains this balance, we have restructured as a Social Enterprise and declare the following:


Our Mission Statement and Vision

Our mission is to protect and advance our clients’ business objectives by providing comprehensive and professional technology services, and to make a positive difference in the world. We will provide only the highest quality services within our grasp and, in all dealings with our clients, show the respect and communication that true partnership demands.

We will achieve our goals by hiring only the highest caliber professionals and providing a supportive team environment that fosters creativity, learning, and opportunities for self-directed growth.

Our vision is to build a world-class, professional technology service, where part of doing well is doing good. And, to be a company whose success is measured by our ability to support and sustain all of our stakeholders, which includes employees, clients, investors, and the environment, as well as our local and global community.


Our conduct will be guided by the highest standards of ethical principle. We will obey not simply the letter but the spirit of the law. We will use fairness as the measure of our conduct and avoid doing anything that we believe an unbiased party would consider unfair. We will treat employees, clients, vendors, and subcontractors with dignity and integrity.


Any distributed profits will be equally divided between our primary stakeholder groups: Employees, Community, and Common Shareholders. Employee profits will be distributed according to a plan submitted to the board by management. It may include formulas based on performance, seniority, job category, and other relevant factors, and will include bonus payments made throughout the year. At least 50% of any profits distributed to employees must go to non-management employees. Community profits will be distributed to local and global charitable organizations based on board approval. Investor profits will be distributed on a pro rata basis according to common share ownership.

Executive Pay

Executive pay will not be excessive, and all salaries will be held within established “bands.” The median of any salary band cannot be more than 50% higher than the next lowest salary band. Further, there needs to be at least one salaried person or vacancy in a salary band to establish the need for a new salary band. And finally, there must be some overlap between the high of one salary band and the low of the next highest salary band. Raise percentages will be established annually, providing different increase percentages for different performance ratings. These percentages will apply across all salary bands, and top executive increase percentages will be set at the median of the percentage range.


We will not make donations for political parties or to influence legislation in order to gain economic advantage. We will neither make nor accept bribes. We will not use our voice and economic weight to override those who have equal rights but lesser access to influence.

No employee will accept gifts of any substance from any outside group which could influence, or be perceived to influence, our behavior.


We will provide accurate and honest reporting of all financial transactions to our primary stakeholders on a regular basis. We will not engage in business transactions that we would be embarrassed to explain to friends and families.


Our only intolerance shall be for intolerance.

Decision Making

Our decisions will be made with consideration of the Seventh Generation – That in “every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.” This Iroquois concept will help guide us in making decisions that are right for the many, including future generations.


Anyone with a question or complaint regarding our ability to adhere to these principles may present their concerns with our Social Responsibility Officer. The process and policies of doing so are covered in our Code of Ethics, which is to be read, understood, and agreed to by all employees.