The Walker Group

A different name—A different company

We recently changed our name to The Walker Group. You may remember us as Walker Systems Support—but we’re now so much more than systems support. Our responsive team of expert professionals continues to provide best-in-class support for your technology needs, but we’ve expanded to create four major service groups: data center and cloud hosting, web and interactive services, security and disaster planning services, and technology advisory and CIO services. The word “group” more accurately reflects our array of technology services and solutions.

Adding the word “group” to our name also reflects the value we place on developing partnerships with our clients. The world of high tech needs the balance of the human touch. At The Walker Group, we understand that problems are solved by people working together. So we value people skills as much as technical ones; teamwork and collaboration lie at the heart of all we do.  We work hard to develop technology teams that will mesh seamlessly with your own. The alliances that result are successful because they rely on the strengths each partner brings to the equation.

Building a Better World Through Business

At The Walker Group, we’re dedicated to making life better: for you, for our partners, and for the world we all share. We’re doing that in several ways. For our clients, we have expanded our range of technology services and place even greater emphasis in developing ongoing partnerships. At the same time, we are deeply committed to being a social enterprise. We apply business strategies to achieve philanthropic ends. We strive to make a difference by investing a third of our distributed profits toward solving the problems faced by people and planet. We believe those are strategies in which everyone wins.

To us, success means we have made a difference, a life-affirming difference in someone’s life, whether they are a client, an employee, or a member of the community in which we conduct business.

At The Walker Group, we understand that problems are solved by people working together.”

As The Walker Group has grown, one thing has stayed the same. We’re still helping businesses throughout the Northeast get the most from their technology investment, just as we have since 1982. When clients write to express their appreciation for our services, they use words such as “dedicated,” “well prepared,” “hard working,” and “professional.” Headquartered in Farmington, CT, The Walker Group is a local company offering world class service.