DR Hosting

What is Disaster Recovery (DR) Hosting?

DR Hosting is a service that goes far beyond simple file backups to protect your business from crippling disasters. With Walker DR Hosting, all of your data, applications and services will be stored and continually replicated to our secure data center. So should any disaster strike (i.e. power outage, hardware failure, human error, natural disaster, denial-of-service attack, etc.), your business will experience minimal loss of productivity or downtime. A single phone call will bring all of your critical systems and software back on-line, getting you back in business fast.

Walker DR Hosting

How will Walker DR Hosting Protect my Business?

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from natural disasters and power outages, to hardware failures and human error. One unplanned for event can incapacitate your business so the time to protect your business from a disaster is before it happens. Walker DR Hosting will safeguard you against any one of these disasters and keep your business up and running. Once you are protected by Walker DR Hosting, your desired servers will be constantly replicating securely off-site so if you lose access to your severs for any reason, your data is safe and accessible to you almost immediately. Our DR Hosting service is robust yet flexible enough to accommodate almost any environment. And our state-of-the-art Data Center offers physical work space in the rare event you should need to set up shop temporarily.