7 Questions Business Owners Should Ask of Their IT Providers

Having quality IT support is essential to keep your business running, but how can you know for sure that you’ve found the support that’s right for your organization? Often times, good IT support can be tricky to find, especially in areas where the technical skills required to perform IT maintenance are sparse. How can you get the support you need without making a difficult compromise?

The first hint that you might be wasting resources on IT support is that your current method of maintenance includes waiting until your technology breaks down. In short, this type of technology management could potentially waste both your time and money. When your technology doesn’t work properly, you lose out on time spent being productive, and you risk losing data. A better approach is managed IT services, where proactive measures are taken to mitigate problems and prepare for the possibility of downtime before it happens.

But…who do you turn to for help manage your technology? The answer: a managed IT services provider – preferably one with a deep bench of experienced IT engineers.  By the time you’ve chosen the company to whom you’ll outsource your IT, you should be able to answer the following questions concerning their qualifications and integrity.

  1. Will I have unexpected monthly costs for services that I don’t necessarily want or need?
  2. What is the process of requesting IT support, and who is allowed to reach out and request aid?
  3. Does my IT provider have a good reputation with past and current clients?
  4. What kind of relationship do I want with my IT provider?
  5. Will my IT provider be able to provide support for my short-term technology needs and help me plan for the future?
  6. Does my IT provider have the experience and staff to handle my technology needs as I grow and they become more complex?
  7. Is my IT provider able and willing to help my employees better understand their responsibilities pertaining to security and business continuity?

At The Walker Group, our skilled technicians want to help you manage your technology assets better. We’ve been in business over 30 years and learned a great deal helping countless clients with their technology decisions. We put that cumulative knowledge to work by delivering managed services that meet your needs today and as they grow.  You pay for services that match your business needs. Furthermore, The Walker Group keeps your best interests in mind when working with your technology, unlike a vendor that focuses mostly on typical break-fix, which might only be looking to address that transaction rather than be the forward-thinking solutions partner you really need.

To learn more about how managed services can solve your IT headaches and help you run your business more effectively, connect with us today!