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  • Terms & Conditions

    This agreement expires 1 week from the accepted date.

    Additional terms:

    Emergency support is available during off-hours and is subject to a $200 incident fee, a one (1) hour minimum charge, and an hourly rate of $300.

    Time spent providing computer support services during normal business hours will be billed at Effective Rates depending on the required level of service and experience of the individual(s) assigned, and may be adjusted. Unless specified and covered in a separate Service Agreement or Addendum, the minimum charge for on-site support will be four (4) hours and the minimum charge for remote service assistance (including OnCall) will be one (1) hour. On-site escalations and emergency work will be charged at a minimum of four (4) hours.

    Effective Hourly Rates During Normal Business Hours:

    • Level 1: $160
    • Level 2: $190
    • Level 3: $225
    • Level 4: $290
    • Level 5: $335