Analysis Without Paralysis

See precisely the number of users on your site right now and follow the path on how they discovered you. Quickly learn which pages have the most traffic. Learn what users are looking for, what problems they want to solve and how they engage content on your site with a visual representation of their clicks/taps and scrolling behavior. Instantly analyze historical data and identify what keywords, referrers, social media, etc. are driving traffic and engagement on your site.


Seeing is Believing

In addition to looking at all the numbers, The Walker Group's Digital Marketing Team will discover usability challenges by reviewing recordings of real visitors on your site as they click/tap, move their mouse, type and navigate from page to page. We will identify the best opportunities for enhancements and test by finding on which page and at which point most visitors are exiting your site. Whether you sell widgets, services or want to increase newsletter subscriptions, we focus on conversion goals that generate returns on your investment.

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