Managed Digital Presence

Managed Digital Presence is perfect for organizations that want a polished online brand but don’t have the in-house digital marketing staff to do so. It’s more than just creating a pretty website; it’s social media, it’s search strategy, it’s content and it’s ongoing.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, “set it and forget it” no longer works. Your digital presence - the face and personality of your organization - needs to be constantly engaging with your constituency in order to stay relevant and top of mind. It’s open 24/7 and it’s either working for you or presenting a stagnant impression of you to the world.


Insight Driven

Managed Digital Presence is a comprehensive, insight-driven process that monitors and manages your company’s digital marketing assets. Rather than redesigning your website every few years, we continue to monitor what’s working and what needs tweaking and make incremental changes throughout the year. This iterative process of planning, testing and tweaking each month will help us find and employ what works best to accomplish your digital presence objectives. We include analytics review, social media management, Search Engine Optimization management, Search Engine Marketing management, content development, User Interface Design and User Experience Design.


Continous Improvements

We help ensure that you’re projecting the brand you intend and receiving the interactions you want. We’ll help you with the strategy and then build and manage a plan to accomplish your goals. Walker’s Managed Digital Presence takes the burden of developing digital marketing strategies and managing the tactical execution off your plate. By combining these services, we maximize your marketing ROI and help you achieve your strategy goals.


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