Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides elastic, on-demand resources as an effective alternative for almost any type of computing workload. Cloud technology and cloud acceptance is proliferating at a rapid rate. Public cloud vs private cloud? Hybrid cloud vs SaaS vs IaaS…which best suits my needs? The devil is in the details and the pitfalls are not simply technical; operating models, licensing, security and bandwidth all play into a successful cloud strategy...or a failed one.


Public and Private Cloud

Publicly accessible cloud infrastructures offer the most cost-effective computing platforms because they utilize shared resources, both technical and managerial. Private cloud provides dedicated cloud resources for compute, storage and networking. They each have their own pros and cons related to security, manageability, price-of-entry, commit and incremental costs. Walker can help profile your computing needs and plan and deploy the best solution. On top of that, we will own the complete management of your cloud infrastructure including vendor support and using monitoring.


Hybrid Cloud

Not all organizations, or their applications, are born cloud–ready. Some applications are best distributed between some on-premise computing and a cloud provider’s platform. Known as Hybrid Cloud, this model can be a very powerful implementation of the best of both computing types, but requires extra know-how to glean the greatest efficiencies and advantages from it. Moving workloads from company to cloud or distributing different parts of the workload require a knowledgeable technical partner such as The Walker Group. We have helped scores of clients make the hybrid cloud leap.


Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Cloud backup can be the perfect solution for an organization that wants to ensure that a copy of their critical information is stored offsite. Alternate site storage and recovery is very important in the event of a disaster, either physical or cyber-related. Getting Cloud BDR just right means both capacity and performance planning so that you don’t outgrow your storage or your wallet. It also means consistent monitoring and management so that your data can be recovered if and when you need it most.


Microsoft Azure

With over 100 services and a diverse set of tools, Microsoft Azure is a secure, flexible cloud platform for Microsoft-based workloads. As a Microsoft partner, Azure integrates tightly with Walker’s management tools and services for a comprehensive solution at a predictable monthly cost.


What's Next?

Clients turn to The Walker Group for guidance on appropriate cloud solutions, deployment or migration strategies and integrating cloud computing into their overall IT portfolio. Walker also represents the best in breed cloud providers to properly size a solution for your organization.

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