Business Continuity

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) capabilities are a critical part of organizations' plans for resilience and continuity of operations. While most organizations believe they have a solid BDR capability, too often they discover they have inadequate protection when they need it the most. BDR is not a set-and-forget proposition; data usage patterns, configurations and technology constantly changes. It's imperative to remain proactive to ensure you have the capacity to recover what you need. This is where Walker BDR service excels in value.


Confidence In Your Ability to Recover

You want the confidence in knowing that your recovery will be successful in time of need. Walker's OnPoint Managed BDR service provides you with proactive management and monitoring to ensure that your backups are healthy, are protecting the right information and will successfully recover data when called upon.

We monitor BDR 24x7 and alert you when we see any changes from the expected norm. We ensure successful backup operations and we monitor BDR capacity to give you plenty of notice before you run short on storage space. We conduct a monthly test restore to verify your ability to recover in case of a virus infection, human error or other causes of data loss.

Clients turn to Walker for peace of mind.

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