The Elimination of Data Silos for Manufacturers

How can manufacturers leverage their ERP systems without having to export to Excel or other systems and stop using whiteboards to manage workflows? Manufacturers empower themselves when their employees can efficiently input, access and aggregate data. Unfortunately, employees suffer from the many data silos that exist within the organization and this prevents them from efficiently … Continued

10 Ways to Better Protect Your Data

Many small business owners lack the peace of mind that comes from knowing their client data, and ultimately, their businesses’ reputations are protected. Below are 10 ways small businesses can better protect their sensitive information.   1. Use Mobile Device Management Software Many small businesses issue tablets to employees working in the field. It’s important … Continued

The Art of Selling Without being Salesy

Doesn’t it always seem like someone is trying to sell you something? Most people dread engaging with salespeople or businesses that are trying to force their products onto them.  In today’s internet-based world, buyers are more knowledgeable than ever when they decide to seek products and services. They research first and often are the ones … Continued

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Business

Virtual Reality (VR) is helping businesses increase revenue, contain costs and improve efficiency. Organizations are beginning to evaluate how VR technology, which was originally commercialized for entertainment purposes, can impact their P&L. Since the emergence of VR over 40 years ago, the technology has expanded to include Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). VR, … Continued

What is UX/UI Design & Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered who creates websites and beautiful mobile apps that are superiorly easy to navigate? Have you ever wondered how brands are so consistent with their messaging and their branding? This is all user experience and user interface design. Let’s go into a deeper dive…   What is UX Design? UX stands for … Continued

Welcome to the team, OnCall Specialist, Nicole Kuczenski!

Nicole is our new OnCall Specialist and has 10 years of experience as an IT professional. In those years she has worked in many different types of fields including aerospace, law, and medicine. Her role at Walker is to be the first line of defense for our clients and their IT needs. When she was … Continued

Ransomware: Attacks occur every 40 seconds, are you ready?

New statistics show the number of ransomware attacks has grown exponentially in the last year. No size of business or industry is immune. But there are solutions to protect your business and reduce the potentially devastating impact of the attack. Learn more by watching the video below about the severity and the impact of ransomware … Continued

Jessica Rich, Managing Partner, Celebrates 15 years at The Walker Group

This week, our VP of Business Operations and Managing Partner, Jessica Rich, celebrates 15 years of employment with Walker. Jess joined the Walker team in 2003 as a Network Specialist and spent her first few years providing IT support to our clients before she moved into the role of Engineering Manager in 2006. Over the … Continued

5 Things to Look for in a vCIO

Small business leaders are increasingly seeing the value in collaborating with an IT Managed Services provider capable of guiding the C-suite through its technology planning process. Commonly, the CFO works to ensure the IT function meets the needs of the business; however, the CFO has several other responsibilities and does not have time to become … Continued

Top 3 Common Mistakes in Selecting a Cloud Backup Solution

Organizations are rapidly adopting various cloud technologies. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made when choosing a cloud backup solution which may include addressing security concerns as well as how the technology will work for your environment. Taking the time to review your options and understanding risks or pitfalls should be … Continued