October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month – What’s your plan?

Just as hope is not a strategy, ignorance is not a plan. Cybersecurity planning starts with a review of your cybersecurity goals, requirements and obligations. Add an assessment of risk plus technical and social vulnerabilities and this will lead you to a robust strategy for improving your security posture. Information Security is not a one-and-done … Continued

Kate’s Corner: Being Grateful

Almost every morning, my husband and I walk along the river with our Labrador pup who takes it as her personal mission to make sure every squirrel is kept up a tree, every bird aloft and and every chipmunk out of sight. She has her favorite swimming spots and, while Steve and I discuss our … Continued

DFARS/NIST Compliance Due 12/31/2017

Due to increased concerns about cyberattacks, any manufacturer, either an OEM or tiered supplier, contractually doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD), General Services Administration (GSA) or NASA must be compliant with defined cybersecurity requirements no later than December 31, 2017. The regulations apply to Controlled Unclassified Information (“CUI”) and are spelled out in … Continued

IT Peace of Mind is Possible!

Many small businesses live in fear of having unexpected IT issues. They run 7+ year-old servers, they don’t know about the latest cyber security threats, they haven’t checked if their backups are running properly and they know all these factors can easily cause unexpected issues. When issues arise, there’s rarely a budget allocated towards fixes.

Walker’s Green Team

The Green Team is led by Ken Jones who has always cared deeply about our environment and how to protect it. In Ken’s words, “In our fast-paced world, it is easy to not pay attention to the effects we have on the environment,” and his approach to this initiative is to begin small, within the internal Walker community with the goal of expanding outward to clients, friends and family.

Back to School

You’re packing your kids off to school… but we’ve been schooling and retooling all summer! We’ve always sought true partnership with our clients, strong relationships where you can rely on us for everything from preventive maintenance to technology planning, and all the troubleshooting and firefighting that goes on in between. Our engineers who go onsite … Continued

Walker’s Wellness Committee

As a Social Enterprise, The Walker Group has a designated social mission to give back to the community and, as we all know, in order to have anything to give, we must first take care of ourselves so there’s something in the tank to be able to offer to others. Heather Boulette leads up Walker’s … Continued

Email management can save your organization time and money

Email is a key business communications channel but surprisingly often we find that this critical asset poorly managed, if at all. By implementing strong email management, you will save time, money and headaches for you and your team.  Here are three things to implement so you’re in control of your email rather than letting it run wild.

Virtual CIO Services provide critical strategic level technology oversight

While large organizations will have a full-time CIO responsible for strategic technology planning and operational IT management, many small-to-mid size clients either do not have a CIO or instead rely on someone like the CFO or COO to act in this capacity. If there is no one with industry expertise keeping a strategic eye on an … Continued

Walker’s Managed OnPoint: Protecting our Client’s Networks 7×24 and Bringing Peace of Mind

The Walker Group’s Managed OnPoint service provides proactive 7×24 monitoring and alerting on workstations, servers, applications and network devices. Ever wonder how effective or proactive this service really is? Well here are some statistics for the month of Q2, 2017: Walker Managed OnPoint detected over 800 actionable alerts and events that Walker engineering teams responded … Continued