Fasten Your Seatbelts: Autonomous Cars Crash Into Big Data

Do you remember when the biggest concern society had about car byproducts was regarding CO2 emissions? While reducing emissions from vehicles will always be a priority for the environmentally-conscious, on the horizon there looms an even bigger challenge for car manufacturers. Who’s responsible for and what’s to be done with the vast amounts of data … Continued

3 Technologies that Boost Your Business’ Web Presence

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve customer interaction with your website, and your company in general. Before email and social media, market research required a lot of phone calls and legwork. Today, thanks to the rapid growth of technology, numerous applications and software feature real-time analytics that can help … Continued

How important is a BYOD Policy?

While your employees will certainly need devices upon which to complete their work, this need can be a point of some contention. After all, every employee will have a preference when it comes to their device and its operation. That preference doesn’t always line up with the device you supply them with. However, a Bring … Continued

No ID Badge Required, Biometrics in the Office

The use of chip implants in humans has long been a controversial topic of discussion. Up until this point, chip implants could only be found in various works of dystopian fiction. But given the speed at which new technology is developed, it was only a matter of time before these implants were actually created and … Continued

Farmington Bank Delivers Strong Cybersecurity Message

Shout out to Bryan Cassidy at Farmington Bank for an excellent Cybersecurity presentation, “Common Cyber Threats and How to Fight Back,” May 3, at the Economic Development Breakfast where Walker Group was honored for 30 years of business. We were happy to receive this honor and were impressed by Mr. Cassidy’s presentation.  View Cybersecurity presentation.

10 Cybersecurity Threats Every Business Owner Should Know

It’s an unfortunate fact that cyber security threats are everywhere. It doesn’t help that there are multiple kinds of threats to contend with out there. Here’s a quick run-through of the different malwares and threats you may encounter and the sort of damage they can cause.   1. Viruses These programs infect other programs and … Continued

5 Ways to Evaluate Your Investment in the Cloud

Businesses adopt cloud computing with the intention of cashing in on its many benefits, like doing more for less. How does a business owner know for certain that a cloud investment is actually paying off? Here are five ways to help find the answer.   1. Costs Putting numbers to your cost savings can be … Continued

3 Benefits of Managed IT Services

How effective is your current IT support? Do you find yourself waiting around for service technicians? Does it seem like you are always calling support about the same annoying issue? Regardless of who your IT service provider is, if they don’t offer high quality Managed IT Services, you’re at a significant disadvantage in the business … Continued

43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses

Executive Order 13694 will be around for another year, as the current administration has elected to extend it. This document provides the government with the power necessary to retaliate against cyber-attacks of various kinds through the use of sanctions. Let’s take a look at what this means.   First set forth by former U.S. President … Continued