A Word from Kate

Walker is a technology and digital marketing consultancy and so we live and breathe technology, but, as the CEO, I am very aware of the need to keep the human side of the equation top of mind. Technology has changed our lives for better and for worse. When my son is in another country paddling class 5 rapids, it’s great…

Virtual CIO Services provide critical strategic level technology oversight

While larger organizations will have a full-time CIO responsible for strategic technology planning and operational IT management, many small-to-mid size clients either do not have a CIO or instead rely on someone like the CFO or COO to act in this capacity. If there is no one with industry expertise keeping a strategic eye on … Continued

5 Ways Network Monitoring can save your organization money.

Regular and comprehensive monitoring of network equipment (computers, routers, network switches, printers, etc.) helps us predict problems and solve them before they bring your network down. Walker’s Fully Managed Services (FMS) includes Network Monitoring for all supported devices. Our Network Monitoring tools sense upcoming issues in time to warn you and Walker’s FMS team so we can head off … Continued

The Top 4 Technology Issues Every Business Must Plan For

Here are a few common IT issues that have been known to trip up businesses more than they should:   1. Data leaks and other security issues: Don’t fall into the common false sense of security by assuming that your company will be overlooked on account of its size. It is precisely the small-to- mid-market … Continued

Office 365 and Your Internet Connection

Cloud-based productivity apps like Office 365 allow businesses unparalleled mobility and collaboration as long as your Internet connection is up for the task. If, however, you have any connectivity, bandwidth or latency issues, you may run into problems. A recent study of large organizations using Office 365 found: 64% of businesses reported network and cost … Continued

Security is a Big Deal

Your company’s security is a big deal, and we take it seriously. Walker’s Preliminary Security Assessment can help you plan your security efforts, and assure that you’re prepared. A periodic assessment of your information security is a wise investment. We’ll take a look at your policies and procedures as well as your technology infrastructure, identify … Continued

Is Your Internet Connection Killing Office 365 Productivity?

Cloud-based productivity apps like Office 365 allow businesses unparalleled mobility and collaboration; that is, if a company’s Internet connection is up for the task. Unfortunately, too many organizations aren’t able to fully utilize their cloud solutions due to poor connectivity, bandwidth, and latency issues, according to a new report from Zscaler. The report primarily looked … Continued

Fasten Your Seatbelts: Autonomous Cars Crash Into Big Data

Do you remember when the biggest concern society had about car byproducts was regarding CO2 emissions? While reducing emissions from vehicles will always be a priority for the environmentally-conscious, on the horizon there looms an even bigger challenge for car manufacturers. Who’s responsible for and what’s to be done with the vast amounts of data … Continued

3 Technologies that Boost Your Business’ Web Presence

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for new ways to improve customer interaction with your website, and your company in general. Before email and social media, market research required a lot of phone calls and legwork. Today, thanks to the rapid growth of technology, numerous applications and software feature real-time analytics that can help … Continued

How important is a BYOD Policy?

While your employees will certainly need devices upon which to complete their work, this need can be a point of some contention. After all, every employee will have a preference when it comes to their device and its operation. That preference doesn’t always line up with the device you supply them with. However, a Bring … Continued