The Walker Group will charge clients and reimburse employees for actual travel-related expenses as described herein. These travel-related and other expenses apply to:

  1. Projects where reimbursement of travel-related expenses has been agreed to in a signed Statement of Work
  2. Projects where reimbursement of travel-related expenses have been agreed to on a signed Walker quote
  3. Other non-regularly scheduled service that require travel of more than 30 miles one-way by the Walker engineer and/or consultant

General Provisions

  1. The Walker engineer/consultant must provide all available original receipts for all expenses.
  2. All travel arrangements should be made two to six weeks in advance to secure the best ticket price.
  3. Walker engineer/consultant will generally make their own travel arrangements.
  4. Walker engineer/consultant may secure travel using their own credit card and submit expenses for reimbursement. The engineer/consultant may request that travel be purchased using Walker corporate credit card, and would thus not be reimbursed.

Air Travel

  1. Engineer/consultant traveling within the North American Continent (the United States, Canada and Mexico) fly economy class.
  2. Engineer/consultant may travel business class when traveling on an intercontinental flight for business.
  3. When Engineer/Consultant willingly travels over a weekend to secure a lower airfare for the business, Walker will charge client for and reimburse employee for the extended expenses, provided these costs do not exceed the airfare savings gained by a Saturday night stay.

Travel by Rail

  1. Engineers/Consultants traveling by rail ride business class.

Vehicle Rental

  1. Engineers/Consultants may only rent a vehicle when necessary or most economical.
  2. If renting a vehicle, Engineer/Consultant must rent a standard or economy class vehicle.
  3. Engineer/Consultant must elect to use rental company’s insurance coverage for the vehicle.
  4. When two or more Engineer/Consultants travel together, rentals may be larger to accommodate the number of travelers.

Use of Consultant's Vehicle

Walker charges clients and reimburses Engineers/Consultants driving their own cars for business use to and from the airport and/or client’s site(s) and for tolls, parking and mileage at the current rate published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Hotel Accommodations

Engineers/Consultant on business travel will select standard rooms in business hotels, such as the Hilton, Marriott or Weston. They may request a corporate rate with the hotel, if available.

Meals and Other Expenses

  1. Walker will charge clients and will reimburse Engineer/Consultants for reasonable meal expenditures up to $50/day.
  2. Walker will charge clients and will reimburse Engineer/Consultants for other reasonable expenses they incur while on business travel. Such expenses include, but are not limited to taxi fares, skycap, bellhop tipping, hotel concierge services and daily hotel health club fees.

Non Re-imbursable Expenses

  1. The following list identifies expenses that are not reimbursable:
  2. Personal entertainment during travel (i.e. airline headsets, movies, sporting events).
  3. Membership fees to hotel or airline clubs.
  4. Membership fees to professional clubs or societies.
  5. Membership fees to credit cards.
  6. Purchase of baggage or clothing
  7. Recreational or entertainment activities, including, but not limited to, theatre, personal amusements, side trips, and tours
  8. Personal reading material or services.
  9. Subscriptions.
  10. In-room hotel movies.
  11. Baby-sitting fees.
  12. Pet-sitting fees.
  13. Gifts, including, but not limited to, flowers.
  14. Donations.
  15. Recognition awards or gifts.
  16. Training costs, unless approved in advance by client and Walker.
  17. Expenses for team building
  18. Traffic fines or court costs.
  19. Repairs, maintenance, and car wash for owned or rented vehicles.
  20. Lost or stolen personal property while on business.