Virtual CIO Services provide critical strategic level technology oversight

While large organizations will have a full-time CIO responsible for strategic technology planning and operational IT management, many small-to-mid size clients either do not have a CIO or instead rely on someone like the CFO or COO to act in this capacity. If there is no one with industry expertise keeping a strategic eye on an organization’s technology, then there is the danger of making decisions that result in technological “dead ends” or end up wasting time and money on band-aid fixes. There are also ever increasing IT security concerns that are particularly worrisome for any organization, and especially for those with compliance requirements.  And then there’s the time required to effectively manage all of this…..

Walker offers clients Virtual CIO services to fill this need, providing technology planning, security management, technology budgeting and IT service management. The added advantage of Walker’s Virtual CIO services is that you’re getting the expertise of our entire team. Because we’re in the field every day exposed to many different industries and technologies, we bring a depth and breadth of experience which is difficult to match. We’d be happy to talk with you about your current situation and discuss opportunities to enhance your approach to technology in support of your organization’s mission.