A Cloud For You

VPC is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering powered by VMware vCloud Air, a multi-tenant, logically-isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure.

Based on VMware vSphere, it delivers high availability and fully private networking. The service is available as a subscription or on demand. The service is often combined with Walker Managed Services to provide a fully virtual and managed computing capability in the cloud.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Organizations who have an interest in moving from on premise infrastructure to the cloud
  • Organizations interested in moving applications from SaaS to IaaS to have more direct control over the environment
  • Organizations ready to refresh IT server infrastructure and considering the cloud
  • Organizations who would like to improve resilience of a current data center or server room
  • Organizations who want Disaster Recovery capability and/or geographical diversity
  • Organizations who would like to move to an operational expense model instead of capital expense for new equipment
  • Organizations who would like to invest in infrastructure that can grow incrementally, just like your business

Data Center Extension

Seamlessly move applications from your data center to the cloud and back again


Disaster Recovery

Confidently protect business critical information with cost-efficient disaster recovery


Data Center Replacement

Easily consolidate data center infrastructure resources.

Iaas Is Your Data Center Replacement

“Lift and shift” your data center infrastructure or migrate virtual machines from on-premise quickly and efficiently to Walker VPC, to implement a secure cloud architecture. With the scalability, performance and reliability you require for different workloads, Walker VPC powered vCloud Air provides management consistency with your on-premise environment.  At the same time, you get hardened secure data center space with 7 x 24 operational support.

Consider some of the architectural enhancements:

  • Advanced Security and Control Powered by VMware’s NSX:  implement a secure cloud architecture by maintaining hybrid network, security and access control policies that are consistent with your on-premise data center
  • Agile and Cost-efficient vSphere Migration: replicate on-premise workloads and architectural best practices to the public cloud to meet  tight timelines, cost mandates or resource utilization goals
  • Trusted vSphere Platform: built on the solid foundation of vSphere, delivering the high availability, scalability, reliability and performance you need