Walker’s Green Team

Our Green Team is concerned with all things environmental, making sure that we leave as small a footprint as possible and that we help employees and clients to think green.

The Green Team is led by Ken Jones who has always cared deeply about our environment and how to protect it. In Ken’s words, “In our fast-paced world, it is easy to not pay attention to the effects we have on the environment,” and his approach to this initiative is to begin small, within the internal Walker community, with the goal of expanding outward to clients, friends and family.

A great starting place, given that we’re a technology company, is with electronic equipment: e-waste is a huge environmental issue. And we all have it – whether at home or in our business – in a closet or a corner where we send old equipment to die. What do you do with it? There are many options…. but they all come down to re-purpose/re-use/recycle. Here are some options you may want to consider:

“I don’t use it.”

  • Give it to a family member or friend
  • Sell or trade it (Craiglist/Ebay)
  • Donate it to a charity (Good Will or Salvation Army)

“It’s old.”

  • Repurpose it or turn it into something else
  • Donate it to a theater
  • Freecycle it

“It’s broken.”

  • Is it really broken?
  • Can it be fixed by you or a friend?

And when you can’t re-purpose or re-use, then the following recycling resources are a great alternative: GreenMonster (West Hartford) and Take2 (Waterbury with many drop-offs throughout CT) are both dedicated to a No Landfill Policy and accept virtually all electronic components. They do data destruction and/or drive shredding and no components leave the country.

Some upcoming initiatives of the Green Team include:

  • Walker in-service on basic maintenance to extend the life of cars and other equipment
  • Discussions on the basics of organic gardening
  • Reviewing alternative power sources (Ken currently has a lending library for Walker staff at his desk)
  • Coordination of an E-cycling Day for Walker clients – more to come on this effort! Let us know if you’d like to participate!

The initiatives of the Green Team has Walker staff thinking about how our environment effects us today and what we leave behind for future generations. We look forward to working with our clients and the community in these efforts.