Walker’s Managed OnPoint: Protecting our Client’s Networks 7×24 and Bringing Peace of Mind

The Walker Group’s Managed OnPoint service provides proactive 7×24 monitoring and alerting on workstations, servers, applications and network devices. Ever wonder how effective or proactive this service really is? Well here are some statistics for the month of Q2, 2017:

Walker Managed OnPoint detected over 800 actionable alerts and events that Walker engineering teams responded to such as:

  • A client was alerted that a disk drive was starting to fail in an important workstation so that it could be replaced before data was lost
  • 2 clients were alerted that their UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) was either failing, underpowered due to recent load changes or no longer communicating with production servers
  • 2 clients had computers that had questionable processes identified and assessed as possible virus activity
  • 4 clients had power issues
  • 5 clients had unplanned server reboots off hours and Walker investigated the cause(s)
  • 14 clients were notified that a backup job had failed to complete or that backups had stopped running (not including BDR technology)
  • 17 clients were alerted that their A/V (Anti-Virus) software was either missing or out-of-date
  • 30 clients were notified that workstation or server disk space was running critically low
  • Walker checked in on 63 client servers that reporting going offline during normal business hours and ensured that these were stabilized and/or returned to production
  • 68 clients’ servers had service stopping events that were averted or returned to normal production status (754 instances)

What do all these have in common? Often, the issues detected by our automated software are invisible to the end user. By proactively monitoring assets and acting on the information, steps are taken to remedy the underlying causes long before they cause a major disruption to our clients’ operations.