Walker’s Wellness Committee

As a Social Enterprise, The Walker Group has a designated social mission to give back to the community and, as we all know, in order to have anything to give, we must first take care of ourselves so there’s something in the tank to be able to offer to others.

Heather Boulette leads up Walker’s Wellness Committee and is helping us get active, eat well and stay centered with activities like:

  • Walker’s Balcony Garden – Thank you to White Flower Farm for donating tomato, eggplant, broccoli and pepper plants to grow our own and to donate to Loaves & Fishes.
  • Walker Walkathon – Recognizing that the extra steps add up, Wellness offered up a prize to the team member with the most steps. Congratulations to Jeff Williams for killing it with 504,000 steps in the month of May!
  • Meditation in the morning – Heather facilitates a weekly meditation to help us get and stay grounded with a focus on topics like resilience, gratitude and letting go. See how easy it is?
  • Wellness Newsletter – Offering healthy living tips and recipes for great ideas and inspiration.

The committee has also made an impact on all of us by adding healthier options to the break room vending machine, creating a Wellness IM channel where we can post related articles, videos or suggestions, by always encouraging “Walker laps” around the parking lot and, whenever possible, to hold meetings outside.

The Committee’s future initiatives include:

  • Creating a Benefits Action Team sub-committee for employees who are interested in the open enrollment benefits process and brainstorming potential benefit options to explore in the future.
  • Compiling menus with calorie counts to be able to have more healthy choices from restaurants in the area.
  • Creating a Walker cookbook with employees’ favorite healthy recipes.

Kudos and thank you to the Wellness Team for all you’re doing to keep us happy, healthy and connected!