Welcome to the team, OnCall Specialist, Nicole Kuczenski!

Nicole is our new OnCall Specialist and has 10 years of experience as an IT professional. In those years she has worked in many different types of fields including aerospace, law, and medicine. Her role at Walker is to be the first line of defense for our clients and their IT needs.

When she was first deciding about a career path, she decided IT would be a strong choice because she always found computers fascinating since a young age. She constantly strives to learn more about new technologies and is enthralled in every aspect, especially mobile technology. In her spare time, she is learning mobile programming and one day would love to create her own apps.

Not only is she learning new technologies in her spare time but she loves to spend time with her husband, Chris, and children, Lucas and Evan. They love to go camping, hiking, fishing and just spending time outdoors. She is involved in her children’s activities such as hockey, karate and is the treasurer of their Cub Scout Pack. You can always find her helping friends, family, and people in the community. She is very proud of what she has accomplished, and she is excited about what the future holds.