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Technology projects can transform your business or leave you pulling out your hair, and much of it depends on the team you choose to work with. We have extensive experience in projects of all types and sizes. We can help with strategy, planning, implementation, training, and follow-up.

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Network Design

Networks are the “nervous system” of your IT Infrastructure and must be operating at peak efficiency. With companies integrating cloud services and internal IT, connectivity, throughput and availability are paramount. Network virtualization is now providing exceptional levels of scalability and flexibility. With expert planning and design we’ll help take your networks to the next level. From the core to the edge, wireless and to the cloud, be it a data closet, or a data center – we’re your team.



Virtualizing servers and workstations simplify management, centralize user security and make for lower costs per seat. Whether it is a converged IT infrastructure providing virtualized servers and applications to your business, or providing hundreds of virtual desktops to your employees or students, we’ll put together a plan for you to make the transition.



We’ll help you plan your coverage and capacity needs, and develop a budget to ensure appropriate access and security levels. We’ll plan and execute the installation of your new wireless networks from wiring to production or we’ll help troubleshoot and resolve problems with an existing installation.



The proper management of digital information is predicated on an appropriate storage technology in terms of capacity, resiliency and security. A proper storage strategy is the backbone of data protection (backups) disaster recovery and information sharing for business collaboration. Walker will assist your company in designing a storage strategy to meet multiple demands across multiple years and will migrate your existing information to the new platform.



New platform? New location? Going to the cloud? Acquisition Planned? There’s many migration scenarios, all of which require technical knowledge, experience and detailed planning to pull off with minimal downtime and business disruption. There’s one simple, qualified solution – call Walker for help with design, planning, and implementation of your next migration.


Data Center

In today’s world, the data center function can operate on premise, in a co-location facility, in the cloud, or any combination therein. From outfitting your own data center to understanding when and why externally hosted solutions are advantageous, Walker will help you plan and execute. We are particularly experienced in the migration from your old IT footprint to your new data center solution. Oh, and if you need us to plan, pickup and relocate your IT to a new location, we do that too!


Project Management & Consulting

We understand how technology drives your business: we’ll make sure your projects come in on time, within budget, and without surprises. Walker consults on all manner of technology issues –give us a call – we love a challenge!