A deep bench of
technology expertise
without the geek speak

Not only can we help map out a clear technology path to your business goals, but we can amp up your team with ours and provide you with the support and infrastructure you need to get the job done.

The Northeast and Beyond

Based in Farmington, Connecticut, we provide infrastructure, security, support, and digital marketing services for businesses of all sizes across New England and New York.


Powerful Partners

Great Partnerships are the key to getting tough jobs done. We've forged great relationships with our partners over the years.

Impact Driven

Business is a powerful force in our world today and can be a great force for good when we make it so” –Kate Emery

Our social mission is to help make the world a better place through our financial and volunteer support of social entrepreneurs and other innovative leadership efforts aimed at solving local or global issues. We’re proud to be a Connecticut Benefit Corporation and social enterprise. Among other commitments we give one third of our distributed profits to the community, with over $400,000 in donations distributed since 2014