Why go Hyperconverged over traditional SAN storage?

If you're thinking about needing more storage, whether it be for SAN or NAS-based solutions, you should be looking at Hyperconverged technology. Many organizations of all sizes and industries are moving to Hyperconverged solutions as it provides the greatest flexibility that scales from SMB to Enterprise. Hyperconvergence technology:

  • Reduces complexity (fewer systems to manage independently)
  • Reduces power & cooling costs
  • Simplifies management
  • Increases performance over traditional storage
  • Is highly scalable
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance windows

Traditional SAN storage is tried and true, so why move to Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Technology is always evolving and advancing. For many years, our answer to providing redundant and reliable storage has been to invest in the hardware. We invested in the hosts, to high-end switching, and onto the very expensive SAN or NAS storage. These systems all needed to be spec'd out to not only provide for the needs of today, but often were over-spec'd with the next 3-5 years in mind. This meant a lot of dollars were spent on hoping to take advantage of that hardware down the road.

With Hyperconverged technology, you buy what you need today and, like lego blocks, add as you grow - no more overspending. In addition, many solutions now include plug-ins to the public cloud which means your investment now allows you to more seamlessly transition from on-prem, private cloud to moving workloads to the public cloud such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, thereby future-proofing your investment!

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