Wireless Networking Solutions

WiFi is growing exponentially with more businesses relying on it for many of its core functions. Poorly planned WiFi installations are done using out-of-the-box configurations designed to work in only the ideal scenario; however, all environments are not created equal. Every environment has different building characteristics and different challenges to overcome. Is your WiFi solution optimized for peak performance?

We take WiFi seriously. Just because "it works" doesn't mean you're getting the most out of your solution. WiFi optimization is an ongoing process. Walker conducts WiFi Audits comprised of various signal and signal-to-noise (SNR) measurements that are taken throughout your facility to generate a heat map of coverage and quality. The WiFi audit is then used to make adjustments to your WiFi network. This is not only the first step after installation but should be repeated periodically to ensure optimal performance.


Delivering great WiFi goes beyond simple signal readings.

Planning your WiFi deployment is the first step. Consideration for network security through segmentation and access control is particularly important to any WiFi network. Auditing the implementation and assessing the final product ensures the right capacity, security, usability and reliability. Contact us to complete a WiFi Audit to learn how you can improve your WiFi solution!

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