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Give your staff, your team, and your technology the support it needs to stay focused on your mission. From remote monitoring to white-glove on-site services, our team and our technology will be there for you 24/7. We’re there for you!

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Network Monitoring

We can have eyes and ears on your network infrastructure, alerting you to problems before they affect your people. Our network monitoring suite provides you the visibility across your LAN and WAN to monitor bandwidth, jitter, latency and all network parameters that can impact your operations.


Staff Augmentation

We fill in where you need, how you need. Part-time, full-time, temporary, on-site, remote… If there’s a hole in your team we can help you fill it. Desk-top support to high-level consulting or special expertise as it’s needed. Every day, once a week, or once a quarter. Support to fit your needs and your budget.


Help Desk

Give your people the support they need to get the job done. A friendly local voice on the other end of the phone, who knows you and your environment. We can walk you through it, remotely fix it, or if need be escalate it to the appropriate team member. Let our on-call team be your first line of defense.


Infrastructure Planning

Whether it’s an informal brainstorming session to help flesh out next year’s budget or a three year plan to be presented to the board, we can help you maximize your ROI in technology and avoid long term financial waste of spending on short term, “band-aid” fixes.


Performance Improvements

Sluggish network? User complaints?   We can track it down, identify the problem, and get you the solution you need to get you running at full throttle.


Remote Management and Remote Preventive Maintenance

Do you have remote office locations? Do you want the security of knowing your systems are being watched 7×24? Do you want faster remediation than waiting for your next onsite visit? Our Managed OnPoint offering monitors your server, workstations, laptops and network devices constantly, proactively sensing and fixing issues before they become large problems or disruptions. And we can use the technology to facilitate “remote hands” of our expert engineers to guarantee problems are fixed quickly and thoroughly.


Hosting and Cloud Services

If you are wondering if you should be in the computer hosting business, you probably shouldn’t be. Ask Walker about options for us to host your equipment in a secure, resilient datacenter environment or provide virtual access to your computers via our cloud offerings.