Remote Monitoring/Management

OnPoint catches problems as they happen - and can prevent them too. Both of our offered proactive monitoring solutions provide:

  • Alerting to Walker's team of problems and ongoing trends
  • Quick, non-invasive and audited access to your systems
  • Human and automated review - the best of both worlds
  • Behind-the-scenes repairs allowing your employees to continue their work
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware alerting and review of findings
  • Up-to-date Microsoft patching -- painlessly
  • Detailed, drill-down reporting
  • Ease of mind

Our OnPoint solution has you covered!

Offering two plans, Walker has the solution that fits your business. We offer monitoring for servers, workstations and the rest of your network, no matter where they might be located.

Basic OnPoint has your monitoring needs covered - offering triage and troubleshooting of items found by our monitoring system, with human eyes weeding out false positives and looking for trends.

Our Managed OnPoint plan goes further, including monitoring for your ESXi or Hyper-V system, patching of Microsoft products and a human-created, fully-reviewed system report on a monthly basis (as well as an online dashboard available for your review).

We offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to concentrate on your business.

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