Walker is proud to provide support for many of the 4,000+ manufacturing and aerospace firms throughout CT.

We understand your pain. Manufacturing & Aerospace clients make up the highest percentage of our client base and, after decades of providing support, we have the breadth of experience to solve even the most complex problems. 



We can help alleviate these common challenges:

  • IT security compliance concerns(DFARS/NIST)
  • Wifi connectivity and performance issues
  • Providing additional support and expertise to your over-extended IT staff
  • Remote connectivity issues for a mobile workforce (sales and service teams)
  • ERP and data silos preventing the shop floor and administrative teams from efficient collaboration
  • Ineffective website designs preventing clients and prospects from obtaining necessary information

Add business continuity to your assembly line

Walker serves as the missing puzzle piece for manufacturers with fully-staffed IT departments and takes on the IT responsibilities for manufacturers with no internal IT staff.

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