What wakes you up
at 3am?

Is my data safe? Will I pass the audit? How vulnerable are we? Questions like these indicate the need for an experienced, certified security partner. We can help you reduce your cybersecurity exposure through the application of technology, improved administrative and physical controls and by improving employee security awareness. Besides losing sleep, you risk losing money, intellectual property, and your reputation.

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Compliance & Remediation

Getting ready for a PCI, HIPAA, or Cyber Liability Insurance audit? We help make sure you’re prepared or take care of remediation pre-or-post-audit. You will find Walker’s security services an extremely cost-effective way to find gaps and fix holes before the expensive compliance authority takes a look.


Security Review

A periodic assessment of your information security is a wise investment. We’ll take a look at your policies and procedures as well as your technology infrastructure, identify gaps and make recommendations for getting the appropriate levels of security in place. We also provide Security Awareness Training to meet compliance requirements and ensure good information governance by all employees.


Business Continuity

Don’t wait until the Big Fail to get ready. We’ll help design and implement the appropriate backup and disaster recovery system to manage daily backups and be prepared for catastrophic recovery.


Data Protection

Backups are like spare tires, life vests, or siblings (heir and spare!)– an indication that someone was thinking about protecting important assets. We can make sure your backup system is optimal in terms of coverage, frequency, and speed to recovery. We also put the appropriate security controls around information access.


Vulnerability Testing

What you don’t know can hurt you. We’ll help you find out where the vulnerabilities are in your network and help you mitigate them.