What wakes you up at 3am?

Is my data safe? Will I pass the audit? How vulnerable are we? Questions like these indicate the need for an experienced, certified security partner.


Besides losing sleep, you risk losing money, intellectual property and your reputation. We can help you reduce your cybersecurity exposure through the application of technology, improved administrative and physical controls and by improving employee security awareness.


New Service: Security Awareness Training

Your users are often your last line of defense against security breaches. They need to be trained and always alert for potential hacks and exploits that are designed to target our human tendencies toward trust and curiosity.

A Comprehensive Security Program

Improving your IT Security posture is a journey. Not every organization makes the journey at the same speed or in the same direction. But all excursions share similar aspects that make them comprehensive and satisfying. Clients turn to Walker's broad portfolio of security services to help improve their travels down the IT security road, whether we act as the concierge planning it for them or providing in-depth experience along the way.

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