Letting Risk vs Cost Drive the Right Solution

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) are the capabilities that provide you with the right level of recovery at the right time. Backups are like your car’s spare tire while Disaster Recovery is more like a loaner vehicle. Each car has a cost associated with the value provided. You’d be unwise to buy an extra car just in case you had a flat tire, just like a new spare isn’t going to help you after a major collision. Besides cost, each also has its time in regards to recovery; changing a flat tire is much quicker and simpler than acquiring a whole other vehicle. In the world of Backup and Disaster Recovery, these are known as Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Backup and Disaster Recovery should be viewed as business insurance for peace of mind and to ensure resumption of service after certain events. Backups provide data recovery in the event of human error, technology failures, cybersecurity incidents and other causes of data loss. Disaster recovery allows the continuity of operations after a major disruption like complete or extended facility outage.

Crafting a right-sized solution is dependent upon knowing risk, your tolerance for downtime and the cost of various outages. Careful planning and testing are imperative for implementing the right technical solution and also ensuring that it works in that moment of need.


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Clients turn to Walker for technology planning including backup assessments, disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning. Make sure that your solution not only addresses technology but the management and operation of it when your business is in crisis.

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