2018 Digital Marketing Trends

Digital advertising is set to exceed $100 billion by 2020, double the amount compared to just 2 years ago.

The excitement of emerging technologies and platforms are giving brands numerous opportunities to connect with existing and future customers. The key to success in digital is knowing which platforms and technologies present the best opportunities for your business and audience.

We have compiled a list of trends we see coming down the pike that could be beneficial if done the right way. Here are our top 3:

Personalized Content: Build Unique Customer Experiences

Over half of B2B buyers depend on content to inform their buying decisions. What’s more, 47% want to review three to five pieces of content before they engage with a sales rep.

Content is the king of every marketing campaign. But, as digital marketing matures, so does the nature of content. One growing factor in creating content that engages consumers is personalization — content specifically tailored to both customer needs and where they are in the buying process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Conversion: Working Together

Most companies include SEO when discussing their marketing objectives. Marketing and SEO go together like peas and carrots. The two functions are quickly merging according to a study by BrightEdge. In the survey, 97% of digital marketers believe that SEO and content have become more integrated and are converging in a single activity. The union of content marketing and SEO impacts marketers’ three most important content performance metrics: conversions, engagement and traffic.

Micro-Moments: Quick, one-touch access

Mobile devices are a major influencer in customer interactions and engagement with brands across the world. The surprising part for most people is the concept of “micro-moments”, which has driven the shift to mobile devices. From long-term goals, such as planning to purchase a home, or something as small as picking up milk from the nearest store, or even finding the ingredients of a dish from your phone, etc., a litany of these micro-moments stimulates the impulse to reach for our mobile device.

Whenever a customer feels the need to inquire about something, overwhelmingly 96% of users reach for their smart device to do the research required at that very instant. Those brands showing the most success have the tendency to anticipate and address the exact micro-moment needs by providing the right information at the right time to customers in need.

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