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Your business has goals and you want your digital strategy to work for you to achieve those goals.


You need your digital presence (your website design, your social media messaging, your search engine optimization strategy and more) to clearly and concisely help your customers engage with your business.
The Walker Group's Digital Marketing team is here to help.


Insight Driven

Managed Digital Presence is a comprehensive, insight-driven process that monitors and manages your company's digital marketing assets. Rather than redesigning your website every few years, we continue to monitor what's working and what needs tweaking and make incremental changes throughout the year.

We Can Help...

Walker Group's Digital Marketing team, located in Farmington, CT, is passionate about building effectivestrategic digital marketing products (websites, digital ad campaigns, email marketing, social media!) that meet your company's business goals.

We will work with you to understand your unique audience and their needs and goals. We've built a dedicated team of designers, developers, branding and marketing strategists, content writers and SEO experts and we're excited to get started on your project.

We will measure success with regular review of your analytics and make insight-driven recommendations to improve your content or messaging. This is based on real data on how your users interact with your digital marketing presence.


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