Email management can save your organization time and money

Email is a key business communications channel but surprisingly often we find that this critical asset poorly managed, if at all. By implementing strong email management, you will save time, money and headaches for you and your team.  Here are three things to implement so you’re in control of your email rather than letting it run wild.

Email Archiving

Email hoarders are space hogs and, whether it springs from good intentions (fear of deleting something that someday will be important!), or laziness, it adds up. Email archiving will save on local storage and eliminate time wasted in sifting through old email, while knowing you can still get it if you find you really do need that old email from 1999.

Archiving can be set to automatically store documents offline based on various individual or group parameters so that they aren’t cluttering up your local storage, and should they ever need to be restored, they’re still available with easy search parameters like date, author, contents…
You know you need email archiving when you have to harass users about their mailbox size or if you have legal obligation to maintain a certain timeframe of email communications.
Walker can help set up the right email archiving management system for you and show your team how to use it.

Spam Protection

Sifting through unwanted spam is not only a time suck, it also increases the potential for phishing scams to lure in your employees and unleash some very ugly stuff.  With the right level of spam protection, you will eliminate a huge percentage of unwanted email leaving you with more time and fewer threats.

You know you need better spam protection when Winnie Mandela is asking you to transfer $45M on her behalf.

Walker can help put spam protection into place for you and set up the right levels of protection to let in the good and eliminate the rest.

Email Hosting

When you take your email to the cloud, you eliminate the need to manage hardware and software normally associated with it, saving you time, money and the pain of downtime with no access to email. Putting email in the cloud is not right for every organization and there are regulatory issues for some but, when it makes sense, transitioning to the cloud takes a lot of heat off.

Walker can help you evaluate whether a move to hosted email makes sense and, if it does, we can help you with the transition.