I’m too small to be hacked, right? Wrong.

My business is too small to be hacked, right? Wrong!
It seems that, once a month, there is a report about XYZ Company announcing that they had a security breach. The worst part, it happened 3+ months ago and they just figured it out. As a small business owner, you may be saying, “This can’t happen to me! I am too small to be hacked!“ You may think that hackers are after larger companies with deeper pockets. As a managed service provider, The Walker Group hears this all too often and usually after the attack has already happened. Now, the business owner is left with lots of difficult and expensive choices to make.

Multi-Layered Security Posture

At The Walker Group, we help small and large companies build and execute their IT security plans. They range in size and scope but they have the same core elements. We promote the Multi-Layered Security Posture. This model leverages different types of resources and combines them into a holistic approach. In the end, you have wider and stronger defense that will be more effective at dealing with the ever-changing security landscape.

Download our Multi-Layered Security Posture HERE

Cybersecurity Event Notice

In the upcoming presentation hosted by the Canton Chamber on September 25th, The Walker Group will review what the threat landscape looks like, what a typical Multi-Layered Security Posture involves and steps you as a business owner can start taking to protect yourself.

As part of the presentation, we will discuss:

  • Who is trying to get your data?
  • How are they trying to get your data?
  • How to identify exactly where all your data lives and, most importantly,
  • How you can protect your business and your data

Register today! Link: https://bit.ly/2NDLVsY