IT Peace of Mind is Possible!

Many small businesses live in fear of having unexpected IT issues. They run 7+-year-old servers, they don’t know about the latest cyber security threats, they haven’t checked if their backups are running properly and they know all these factors can easily cause unexpected issues. When issues arise, there’s rarely a budget allocated towards fixes.

It reminds me of my first car which was such a wreck that my friends and family nicknamed it “The Red Rocket” out of jest. They would laugh as the muffler rattled and exhaust poured out the back when I drove off. For any Uncle Buck fans out there, The Red Rocket could rival Buck’s car in terms of being embarrassing. There’s no question I needed a new car, but it’d be at least a couple of months before I could make a big purchase.

The Red Rocket had served me well since I bought it from my grandmother, but 16 years of salty New England roads was starting to take its toll. First it was the brakes, then the spark plug, then the battery. It seemed as if The Red Rocket was spending more miles on the back of a tow truck than being driven. Sure, it was an inconvenience spending multiple Saturday mornings at the garage, but, worst of all, The Red Rocket was stealing my peace of mind. I was paying hundreds for tows and didn’t know when my next one would be. My budget was already tight enough without having to deal with this uncertainty.

My solution was to purchase AAA’s roadside assistance. For a fixed and budgeted cost, AAA would tow me to the garage of my choice for my next 3 breakdowns. The sense of relief was amazing; I could visit friends living out of state, commute to work and run errands without fearing a non-budgeted towing expense.

The Walker Group’s Fully Managed Services model is providing small businesses with the same peace of mind that AAA’s roadside assistance provided to me. For a fixed and budgeted monthly fee, The Walker Group will become your IT department. You no longer have to worry about non-budgeted problems and expenses, how your technology is going to get your organization from here to there or how to ensure the best ROI from your technology. We will take responsibility for the success of your IT and wear the hats of CIO, Network Administrator and Help Desk Support. If there is an issue or a need to escalate an incident, no worries; we have you covered and there are no extra charges.

Contact Walker today to attain peace of mind with your IT.