Jessica Rich, Managing Partner, Celebrates 15 years at The Walker Group

This week, our VP of Business Operations and Managing Partner, Jessica Rich, celebrates 15 years of employment with Walker.

Jess joined the Walker team in 2003 as a Network Specialist and spent her first few years providing IT support to our clients before she moved into the role of Engineering Manager in 2006.

Over the last decade, she has served the company in many roles and capacities including helping to diversify our service offerings, leading projects to upgrade business systems, developing and streamlining processes and working to build strong relationships with our clients and partners.

In her current role, she oversees Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, & Technical Sales and is one of 2 Managing Partners charged with ensuring the overall success of the company. Jess has a passion for coaching and mentoring and believes that company culture and customer service are the core pillars of success.