Office 365 and Your Internet Connection

Cloud-based productivity apps like Office 365 allow businesses unparalleled mobility and collaboration as long as your Internet connection is up for the task. If, however, you have any connectivity, bandwidth or latency issues, you may run into problems.

A recent study of large organizations using Office 365 found:

  • 64% of businesses reported network and cost issues.
  • 58% had to increase their bandwidth in order to better utilize Office 365.
  • 65% upgraded their firewalls before deploying Office 365.
  • After deployment, 70% said latency was a consistent, weekly issue.
  • 45% were unable to access critical business material after deployment.

The lesson here is to do your homework. Before implementing Office 365, or any cloud-based application, ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth and a reliable Internet connection. If your connection is lacking, then your Internet traffic may be overwhelmed with the demands of your cloud solution and you’ll experience downtime–which is absolutely counterproductive to why you switched to the cloud in the first place.

Don’t be afraid of moving to the cloud, but it is important that your IT infrastructure is prepared for it. Consult with Walker regarding what your network can and can’t handle — before adopting a new cloud solution. The extra planning will save you time, productivity, money and headaches!