The Top 4 Technology Issues Every Business Must Plan For

Here are a few common IT issues that have been known to trip up businesses more than they should:


1. Data leaks and other security issues: Don’t fall into the common false sense of security by assuming that your company will be overlooked on account of its size. It is precisely the small-to- mid-market sized organizations that are being targeted today. Walker can help you asses your security risk and help develop appropriate strategies to keep your data and reputation intact.


2.Inadequate hardware and software: Putting off buying hardware until you absolutely have to is a risky gambit and is much more likely to wind up costing you more in the long run. Older hardware is more likely to catastrophically fail, making it harder to recover, and older software is much more susceptible to malware attacks. Also, older versions of applications become increasingly difficult and expensive to upgrade.


3.Inadequate backup systems: Over 50% of small-to-medium-sized business that suffer from data loss shut down within six months. These outcomes could be mitigated with a properly managed backup solution. Walker can help you get the right backup solution for your organizational needs.


4.Insufficient IT support: When IT staff is busy putting out fires, it’s hard to carve out the time to work on preventive and strategic issues. Walker works with many companies to free up IT staff from having to manage the day-to-day needs or handling special projects for which they don’t have time.