Top 3 Common Mistakes in Selecting a Cloud Backup Solution

Organizations are rapidly adopting various cloud technologies. There are a lot of considerations that need to be made when choosing a cloud backup solution which may include addressing security concerns as well as how the technology will work for your environment.

Taking the time to review your options and understanding risks or pitfalls should be part of the process. Here are 3 commonly seen mistakes in selecting a cloud backup solution.


1.Network Bandwidth

Underestimating required network bandwidth. If you are sending data to the cloud as part of your backup strategy, understanding the daily change rate and how long it will take to send it is a crucial step you don’t want to skip.




2. Restoration Process

Too much focus on the backing up and not enough on the restoration process. Far too often organizations forget about HOW you will restore the data and systems for a chosen solution. This is arguably more important than the act of backing up information as you need to account for how long will it take to pull the backed up information down from the cloud before you can actively begin the restore process. If you cannot restore your data let alone an entire server in a timely manner, you should adjust your focus in including the RTO – Recovery Time Objective to ensure you are able to achieve the recovery time your business requires.




3. Relying on online backup alone.

If you’ve identified what an acceptable RTO is for your organization, you will likely have realized that purely sending your data to the cloud means that restoration is potentially very slow. We recommend choosing a solution that backs up data to a local repository and then replicating the data off-site or to the cloud. This ensures you are able to get back up and running more quickly and can achieve your mandated RTO.


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