Walker-Supported Start-Up Starting to Soar!

In October 2014, The Walker Group granted a $10,000 award to support a new, socially-focused, start-up company called CivicLift. Evan Dobos, the founder of CivicLift, set out on a mission to create a tool for stimulating community-driven economic development. For the last several years, he has been working on developing a web-based software which provides solutions to municipalities and community groups to encourage greater civic engagement and neighborhood connectivity. And it’s catching on! He’s already gotten buy-in from a handful of Connecticut towns and Walker is especially proud of the fact that, earlier this month, our great hometown of Farmington launched a new community website based on the CivicLift platform. Not only is it a powerful way to connect the community, residents and business owners, but the platform can be self-sustaining and pays for itself over time, while generating profits for the community for which it was developed.

Just another example of the many rewards that we at Walker see of being a Social Enterprise. We are proud of Evan and his many accomplishments and we are honored have played a small part in his business growth.

Check out www.explorefarmington.com and get.civiclift.com to check it out!