What is UX/UI Design & Why It Matters

Have you ever wondered who creates websites and beautiful mobile apps that are superiorly easy to navigate? Have you ever wondered how brands are so consistent with their messaging and their branding? This is all user experience and user interface design. Let’s go into a deeper dive…


What is UX Design?

UX stands for user experience. UX is how a user, just like you, navigates through a mobile application or a website. The moment you open up LinkedIn or Target’s site/ app, that is a deep evolution of strategic user experience work. UX involves navigation, structuring, design, user research, usability and accessibility of a site/app.

What does a User Experience Designer do?

The goal of a UX Designer is to make your experience with a digital site or app accessible and efficient. If you are struggling to find what you are looking for on a site/app then that is bad user experience design. A user experience designer will come in and try to solve your problems. User experience designers will create sitemaps (the website’s architecture), personas ( a deep observation of your target audience), competitive analysis, user flows (how a user will navigate on your site/app in order to get what they are looking for), and wireframes (multiple artboards created in photoshop, adobe xd, or sketch that map out your whole website/app. The user experience designer serves the target audience and helps them find what they are looking for with the least amount of clicks.


What is UI Design?

UI design is user interface design.  It includes all of the visual elements such as color pallets, typography, imagery, button styles, and any other graphical elements. It is everything that the user sees, feels, hears and touches. UI Design creates the beauty of a product.

What does a UI Designer do?

The user interface designer works closely with the user experience designer. The UI designer will take the wireframes from the UX designer and refine those artboards to make them aesthetically pleasing. User interface designers have to focus on the visual hierarchy of sites/apps. They take all the research of the user experience designer and confirm the aesthetic to the target audience.


How does UX/UI design help your business?

The purpose of good UX/UI design is to make your users love your products/service that they will not go searching for a competitor. The UX/UI designers understand your business’ problem and goals which they will communicate your business’ message to your target market through a deep evolution of strategic design. It will create emotional connections and will keep your users at the heart of the process.


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