Can Your IT Network Handle Your Company’s Growth?

Regardless of which industry your business belongs to, chances are that, given time, there will be some element of change involved in your organization’s operations. This is natural, but it can make planning your IT infrastructure a bit challenging. How can you take the pain out of managing IT when you have so many ever-changing variables to account for?

An easy answer

Implement scalable IT solutions. Scalable IT solutions are designed to change as your business’s needs change and grow as your business grows. The natural goal of any organization is to grow and be more successful, so scalable IT makes the most sense for all types of businesses. By implementing scalable IT solutions, you won’t struggle when adding one, five, or even 10 new users to your organization’s infrastructure. Clients who need help with this turn to The Walker Group to help with an upgrade, expansion, consolidation, merger, or acquisition.

The Best Argument for Scalable IT

Let’s consider for a moment just how valuable a solution that adapts to changes in your business can be. If you want to add new users to your network, you can easily just reach out to your service provider and have them set up new accounts, or have your IT provider do it for you. The only thing that will change financially is the monthly payment. Ultimately, when it comes to handling growth, you’re covered. Even if your business doesn’t plan on growing in the foreseeable future, you’ll be ready when it does.

Increased Network Traffic Will Happen Anyway

One of the often-forgotten parts of adding new users to your network is the possibility that your bandwidth might be stretched too far. However, even without adding new users, your network’s traffic will likely increase over time. This is due to two factors: the Internet of Things and a general increase in mobile device usage. Both of these trends add new devices that your network will be forced to endure, whether you want it to or not. Even without new employees, your current workers will likely accrue more devices as time goes on. Therefore, it makes sense to be able to accommodate these trends in the future. The next time that you communicate with your IT service provider, ask them about what these trends mean for your business.

Scalable IT Monitoring is a Necessity

Another important aspect of managing a network is the ability to scale network resources to accommodate varying degrees of traffic and workloads. Ordinarily, this is tricky to implement, but with a managed IT service provider monitoring your network and maintaining it, you can rest assured that your network is running effectively. The second that something isn’t functioning as intended, your Walker support team is ready to help you resolve the issue. Many Walker Group clients use the reporting data provided by our OnPoint proactive monitoring solution to make decisions or as a planning tool as their needs grow and change.

How is your business preparing for the future of IT management and maintenance? If you’re looking for experienced assistance to find the right solution for your particular needs, turn to The Walker Group. Our scalable solutions maximize efficiency and ROI from your technology investment. To learn more about our IT solutions, reach out today!